Ordinary Girl Extraordinary Story

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Growing up in Southwest Michigan Carley was a talented athlete who received many awards for her outstanding athletic abilities - especially on the basketball court. Going into her senior year of high school Carley was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that resulted in the amputation of her dominant right hand. The amputation was not the end rather it was just the beginning. With her faith and determination Carley was back on the basketball court three short months after the loss of her hand. 

Carley has been featured in ESPN Rise the magazine and honored as Michigan Hero with the Detroit Pistons. Carley is the Executive Assistant for The Friends of Bethany Hamilton Organization where she is able to mentor and share her story of overcoming loss with other young female amputees through Bethany’s Beautifully Flawed Retreat & Shine Fourth Events. 

Carley continues to travel and speak around the US with the hope of encouraging and inspiring others. Would you like to know more about Carley or have her at your next event? 


Carley's story was so inspiring! She gave me the courage to go out for my sports team. She encouraged me to never give up!


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